Winning and Adopted Christiansted Town Plan I TALLER LARJAS, LLC architecture & design

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The VI Historic Preservation Commission Lecture by Gerville R. Larsen A.I.A.

Gerville Larsen to present "Learn about the Historic Preservation Commission"

at the NPS Lecture Series, Thursday August 11, 2016

Gerville Larsen's Christiansted Town Plan is the selected winning entry that has been adopted by the USVI Economic Development Authority as part of its ‚ÄčEnterprise Zone. December 9, 2013

Art interview of Gerville Larsen by David Knight Jr.

Arc Magazine: David Knight in Conversation with Gerville Larsen, November 3, 2011

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Christiansted Town Plan Phasing I TALLER LARJAS, LLC architecture & design

Danish Newspaper interview about the UVI School of Architecture & Building 

Crafts in Jyllands- Posten December 17, 2016